Glossary for a better understanding

A common language…

The partners in the OPC-SFC have, from the start, been confronted with two kinds of difficulty linked with language. On one hand, the teams had different mother tongues and, on the other, the work on behavioural skills required a consensus as to a set of specific concepts, definitions, and key words.

It was therefore important to take time to find a common language and define a set of terms and concepts.

The document below presents the project glossary, sourced, wherever possible, from official definitions, some produced by Europe, and others by various Vocational Education and Training experts in the partner countries. This is of course a summary. In order to find out more, see the many works and articles listed in the bibliography and references.

Interactive glossary - temporary only in French

Schematically, we could represent the different levels of soft skills in the diagram below (temporary only in French). The key skills are represented here as the basis considered by Europe as vital for successful integration of the individual.